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Borough Authority

Macungie Borough The Macungie Borough Authority is authorized to acquire, construct, finance, improve and maintain the Borough's Water System. The Authority consists of five (5) members appointed by Borough Council for five (5) year terms. All members are residents of the Borough of Macungie. This is a volunteer position receiving no compensation for services performed.

Under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act - Act 22 of 2001 and per agreement with Macungie Borough Council, the Authority regulates and governs certain responsibilities of the Water System as follows:

  • To determine when and under what circumstances connections may be made to the system;
  • To determine and assess connection charges to those who connect to the system;
  • To determine when the water system should be upgraded and the manner of upgrading;
  • To establish, revise and regulate rates, rentals, tapping customer facilities and/or connection fees;
  • To determine when mains within the system shall be extended or looped, and the manner of such extensions and looping;
  • To determine whether and under what circumstances service shall be provided to customers and areas served by existing private systems.

The Authority meets the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in Borough Council Chambers, Borough Hall, 21 Locust Street. The Authority generally meets on a quarterly basis.

Members are encouraged to attend education and training seminars relative to the operation of the Authority.

  Borough Authority
   Jeffrey Stauffer, Chairperson    12/31/2022
   Robert Bogert, Jr., Vice-Chair    12/31/2024
   Todd Ritter    12/31/2021
   Vacant    12/31/2023
   Carla Lundgren    12/31/2025

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