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Other Borough Boards / Committees

The Borough is frequently looking for people interested to serve on the Boards.
If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please send a letter of interest to

Borough Manager
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Below are descriptions of the board or committee positions explaining the duties of the position and the purpose of the board or committee.

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission consists of three (3) members who are qualified electors of the Borough of Macungie and are appointed by Borough Council to six (6) year terms.

The Commission enforces rules and regulations approved by Borough Council, certifies qualified applicants for positions and promotions within the Macungie Police Department and investigates matters concerned with the civil service provisions of the Borough’s Codification. The Commission may issue subpoenas, hold hearings and hear appeals.

No commissioner shall hold, at the same time, an elective or appointed office with the federal, state or local government, except that one member of the Commission may be a member of the Borough Council and one member may be a member of the teaching profession.

The Civil Service Commission meets on an as-needed basis. Commissioners are encouraged to attend education and training seminars.

  Civil Service Commission
   Alma Akinjiola, Chairperson    3/31/2024
   Craig Finnerty    3/31/2027
   Dorothy Kociuba    3/31/2025
   Debra Cope, Alternate    3/31/2024

Joint Building Board of Appeals

This Building Board of Appeals is regulated by an inter-municipal agreement between the Boroughs of Macungie and Alburtis and the Townships of Lower and Upper Milford.

The Board hears and rules on appeals, requests for variances and requests for extensions of time based on a claim that the true intent of the act or Uniform Construction Code (UCC) has been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of the UCC do not fully apply or an equivalent form of construction is to be used.

Board members shall be qualified by training and experience to pass on matters pertaining to building construction, which may consist of licensure as an architect or engineer, experience in the construction industry and/or training or experience as an inspector or plan reviewer.

The Board consists of five (5) members. One member is appointed by each of the participating municipalities and one (1) “at large” member is appointed based on the approval of at least three of the participating municipalities. No elected official of any of the participating municipalities and no employees within the Code Administration of the participants may serve on the Board. Participating municipalities may appoint a qualified non-resident to the Board when it cannot find a qualified resident. No term limits are established for this Board. The members serve at the pleasure of the elected officials of each of the participants.

The Building Board of Appeals meets as necessary. Members are encouraged to attend education and training seminars.

  Joint Building Board of Appeals
   David A. Brown, P.E. - Alburtis Borough Appointee   
   Gary Doerr - Lower Milford Township Appointee   
   Michael Hinkle, CWI - Macungie Borough Appointee   
   Benjamin L. Walbert, AIA - Upper Milford Township Appointee   
   Christifer Portner, AIA - At Large Appointee   

Macungie Institute Trustees

The Macungie Institute Trustees is an advisory board consisting of three (3) members serving three (3) year terms, who are residents of the Borough of Macungie. The Trustees make recommendations to Borough Council on the staffing, building use, financial matters, programming and procedural issues. Their roles and responsibilities include:

  • Financial Issues: Understand revenues and expenses, review monthly budget reports and assist in the preparation of the annual budget.
  • Staffing: Make recommendations on all hiring, reviewing and firing of staff members.
  • Programming: Make recommendations on the establishment of new programs, changing or eliminating existing programs run in and by the Macungie Institute.
  • Procedures: Recommend initiation, changing or eliminating operational procedures and be consulted if change is desired. Document all procedures.
  • Planning: Prepare a long range plan for the Institute and review plan annually for implementation.
  • Building Use: Review and make recommendations on the management of tenants, room rental rates and use of volunteers.

The Trustees meet every other month on the second Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. at the Macungie Institute, 510 E. Main Street, Macungie.

  Macungie Institute Board of Trustees
   Karen Billger    3 year
   Angela Faigley    3 year
   Rosanne McGinn    3 year

Tax Appeal Board

The Tax Appeal Board consists of three (3) members who are Borough residents. The Board hears appeals regarding tax assessment for Act 511 taxes- -Earned Income Tax, Local Services Tax (formerly occupational privilege tax and emergency services tax), Per Capita Tax, but not for Real Estate Taxes. A taxpayer may file a written appeal or request a hearing before this board. The Board reviews the appeal filed and the tax collectors response or listens to oral arguments presented by both sides to determine if the tax assessment/tax collector's ruling should be upheld or overturned due to incorrect interpretation of the applicable tax law.

The Tax Appeal Board meets when an appeal is filed and a hearing is requested. Written appeals may be adjudicated through communication (written, emailed, or verbal) between board members.

Board members are appointed by Borough Council. Experience with tax preparation and/or legal experience are highly desirable skills.

  Tax Appeals Board
   Bruce Hillegass, CPA   
   Jean Nagle   
   Karen Billger   

Town Beautification Committee

  Town Beautification Committee
   Buffy Albright   
   Alma Akinjiola   
   Deb Cope   
   Michael DeLong   
   Audrey Erb   
   Angela Faidley   
   Stacey Fritz   
   Joanne Landis   
   Roseann Schleicher   
   Sharon Schrantz   
   Susan Gilis   
   Barb Martin   
   Darlene Misselbeck   
   Denise Salvaterra   
   Kate Sterling-Corran   
   Carol Wentz   
   Alice Welsh   

Vacancy Board

Borough Council is generally responsible for appointing eligible residents to fill vacancies in elected Borough positions, including those on Council itself. One resident is appointed to serve on the Vacancy Board. Should a vacancy on Council occur and the remaining Council members become deadlocked on the choice of replacement, the Vacancy Board consisting of the appointed citizen member and the remaining Council members, is convened and a replacement chosen. The Vacancy Board meets on an as-needed basis.

  Vacancy Board
   Kevin Wieder   12/2022

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