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Borough Council

Macungie Borough Local government in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is divided into a number of classifications (i.e. cities, townships and boroughs). Macungie Borough is governed by an elected seven-member council. Most of the executive and legislative powers vested in the Borough are granted in the Borough Code of Ordinances. All council members have the same responsibilities and voting powers. The primary role of the council is to budget and enact legislation.

The Mayor shall have power to administer oaths and affirmations in matters pertaining to Borough affairs. The Borough Council is empowered to appoint professionals to assist them in the operation of the Borough and to furnish advice on legal and technical matters. Additionally, the Council appoints members to the various advisory boards and commissions.

The levying of Borough taxes and the appropriation to the various departments and subsidiary boards and commissions is the responsibility of Borough Council. Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7:30pm, except on a legal holidays when the meeting is held the following Tuesday. Residents are encouraged to attend those meetings.

  Borough Council
   Ron Karboski, President email    12/31/2023
   Greg Hutchison, Vice-President email    12/31/2025
   John Yerman email    12/31/2025
   Barry Bloch email    12/31/2025
   Todd Rutledge email    12/31/2023
   Lisa Yeager email    12/31/2023
   Carl Sell Jr. email    12/31/2023

   Ronald Conrad, Mayor email    12/31/2025
   Cynthia Hartzell, Tax Collector email    12/31/2025

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