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Parks & Recreation

Of the smaller communities in the Lehigh Valley, Macungie has some of the finest recreation facilities available. There is substantial acreage in the Borough devoted to private and public recreation space. In addition, there is a well-rounded recreation program to serve the needs of all Borough residents.

Macungie Memorial Park

Macungie Memorial Park
This 42-acre park is located in the heart of Macungie, within walking distance of any part of the Borough. The park is owned and operated by the Macungie Park Association. This public recreation facility contains a swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, picnic pavilions, ball fields, a gymnasium, banquet room and meeting rooms.

In addition, the park has substantial areas of tree-shaded lawn for walking and other passive recreation. One of the most popular activities is Das Awkscht Fescht (The August Festival). Although the antique auto show is the main attraction, other events include the Antique Truck Show, the Wheels of Time Custom Car Show, dog shows, cruise nights, flea markets and more.

For more information regarding the park, contact the park office Tuesday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. at 610-966-4289, visit Macungie Park or email

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Kalmbach Memorial Park

Kalmbach Memorial Park
Kalmbach Memorial Park is a distinct community center. The restored house and barn is the charming homestead of the late Frederick Kalmbach, EFM stoker manufacturer. Guests of all ages visit at their leisure for individual exploration or to attend small group gatherings. A diverse schedule of programs are offered at the Park. Kalmbach’s youth programs embrace the simple childhood activities of the past and offer creative learning opportunities for the future. All of the youth programs offered at the Park attempt to instill respect for others while modeling positive behavior and a greater appreciation for life.

The Park offers small meeting places inside the beautifully remodeled Kalmbach home, circa mid-1800’s renovated barn or outdoor wooded lecture area. Trails for easy walking and nature appreciation meander through the Park’s lovely forest and field areas. Friends of all ages can enjoy a stroll and capture a few moments for quiet reflection. Trail maps and nature guides describing natural highlights along the way are available free.

Please call 610-965-1140 for inquiries regarding programs and facilities offered at Kalmbach Memorial Park or visit their website at Kalmbach Park

Macungie Flower Park

Macungie Flower Park
This passive park, located on Main Street in the center of the Borough, provides a scenic view for all. Located in the center of the Park is a water fountain surrounded by flower beds containing over 10,000 flowers. There is a walk around the fountain and benches throughout the park to rest and enjoy the thousands of beautiful flowers. Another highlight of the park is the old time Train Station. This Park provides many hours of enjoyment for residents wishing to enjoy the beautiful flowers and butterflies or just watch the trains pass by.

Macungie Circa 1893
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